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released March 3, 2016


Schneeland contains two parts: the first four tracks deal with snowfall, the following four with the landscape it forms.

The titles have been kept in simple Roman numbers, so that the songs may develop without having been given a name - much like a landscape, which doesn‘t need words to be discerned.

Words are for communication - but Schneeland is an hommage to introspection through isolation.

The artist recommends listening to the album when alone, so the listener gets as close as possible to his original perception of his description of vastness and transience.
In this way one gets in touch with the emotional states that are more easily accessible in the silence of winter time.



Himmelsrandt Koblenz, Germany

During his study in Viola and Piano at the "University of Music and Performing Arts Munich" and after different other musically projects, Peter H. has started with his music project "Himmelsrandt". "Himmelsrandt" is a classical music project with different other musically influences. ... more

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